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Cabling and Wiring Buyer's Guide - Introduction

Cabling and Wiring Buyer's Guide - Introduction

Published: 03/27/2011

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Professional cabling and wiring installers can create a neat and reliable network infrastructure for your voice and data connections. By creating a wire management system, you can best prepare for shifts in technology and user requirements.



A typical cabling and wiring project runs voice and data cables through the walls or ceilings of your facility. The cables connect to individual workstations at one end and terminate at patch panels in your server room and telephone closet. Vendors create pathways that neatly store and label cables so you can easily identify problems if they emerge. When a project is complete, the vendor carefully tests the wiring and components to ensure that each location has a fast and clear connection to your network.



Whether you’re moving into a new office, gutting and rewiring an existing office, or expanding to accommodate growth, a full‐service cabling vendor can ensure that your network is up and running from day one. This BuyerZone Cabling and Wiring Buyer’s Guide will help you find the right vendor and learn what to look for to ensure a clean installation.



One helpful BuyerZone tip before you read on: many people assume they can install wiring themselves because they’ve done “similar work” at home. Unless you have experienced wiring professionals on staff, avoid this mind‐set. Professional voice and data networks are far more complex than any home networking project, and the ongoing headaches will likely outweigh your initial savings. Certified installers have the proper training to ensure a long‐ lasting, quality infrastructure that’s worth the initial investment.





Table of contents


Assessing your cabling needs


Network cabling services basics


Choosing a cabling and wiring provider


Cabling and wiring pricing




Pricing guidelines


Actual costs for cabling and wiring projects will vary tremendously depending on the number of connections (or “drops”), type of cabling, and additional equipment needed. Here are some very rough estimates – we'll go into more detail in Cabling and wiring pricing.




Type of cabling work


Sample prices


Per drop pricing


$100 to $500 per drop


Project‐based pricing


$15,000 to $25,000 for full project

(about 75 to 100 drops included)