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Equipment Leasing Buyer's Guide - Tips

Equipment Leasing Buyer's Guide - Tips

Published: 04/18/2011

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Leasing Tips

Lower the purchase price. The leasing business isn’t very tricky: since equipment leasing generally involves straight financing, the best way to lower your lease payments is to bring down the purchase price of the equipment you intend to lease. Use those negotiating skills!



Lower the rate. Another way to lower payments is to negotiate a lower rate. Rates for small ticket leasing (under $100,000) go across the board and range anywhere from 10‐19%, depending on such factors as credit worthiness, the size of the lease, and the area that you live in. You'll find that middle and large ticket leasing tend to be more competitive at 6‐8%. On average, brokers tend to make 3‐5% above the rate given by the funding source.




Drop the soft assets. Lastly, calculate your lease with and without the soft assets. Although it may be more convenient to pay one bill every month, you'll probably be able to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by cutting out the soft assets. You can always turn to a small business loan to finance soft assets associated with a major equipment lease. If you must lease the soft assets, be sure to find a leasing business that is used to handling them.