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Mailing List Brokers Buyer's Guide - Choose A Mailing List Company

Mailing List Brokers Buyer's Guide - Choose A Mailing List Company

Published: 04/09/2011

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Choosing A Mailing List Company

With thousands of response lists to choose from, a mailing list company or broker can help you find the best list by understanding your target market. Chances are if you have specific details for the list that you want, they can find one for you. By using the various selects available to target your search, brokers can work with you to closely define the type of clientele you are trying to reach.



If possible, look for a mailing list company who has experience working with clients who target the same type of customer you’re trying to reach. Based on feedback from previous customers, these brokers can have a more thorough understanding of available lists and firsthand knowledge of what has worked and what hasn’t.



Most brokers do not offer design and mailing services with their lists and instead recommend full‐service firms that can help you get your materials into your customers’ hands. However, there are some full‐service brokers that will help with the design and analysis of your collateral, management of your in‐house list and control of your database.



A reliable mailing list broker is NOT out for the quick sale. They will not promise you a list that they can’t deliver. If your list requirements are too narrow with various selects, it may be difficult to create one for your marketing efforts and the broker will help you to broaden your search to create an effective list.



Also, ask the broker about their customer service and satisfaction policies. Brokers ultimately stand behind their services should the list have problems. While rare, problems can include excessive outdated or incorrect listings, or a list created using the wrong filters. If you get anything other than the list purchased, the broker should do whatever it takes to replace it immediately or provide a full or partial refund.