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Remote Backup Buyer's Guide - Introduction

Remote Backup Buyer's Guide - Introduction

Published: 04/11/2011 by EDX

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If you don't have a system in place to back up your critical business data, you're putting your company at risk. Remote backup services protect businesses from viruses, natural disasters, and power outages by transferring copies of information stored on computers to a secure remote data center.



With remote backup, you select the files you want to copy and schedule when you want backups to occur. The system automatically copies the data, encrypts it, and sends it securely over the Internet to the vendor’s servers at a constantly monitored data center. If a user accidentally deletes a file or finds it is corrupted, you simply access the offsite backup server from your PC and download the most recent clean version.



Businesses may have serious reservations about sending customer information and confidential data over the Internet. However, since the software encrypts every file before it leaves your computers, the offsite backup process is highly secure. Even if the files fall into the wrong hands, the data can’t be accessed without the required password.



Remote backup vendors can offer solutions for all types of businesses and any amount of data. This BuyerZone Remote Backup Buyer’s Guide will explore how offsite backup works, which features are available, what to look for in a vendor, and how the pricing tiers work.






Table of contents


Remote backup basics



How online remote backup works



Remote data backup features



Choosing a remote backup vendor



Remote backup pricing



Remote backup services tips






Pricing guidelines


Actual costs for remote backup can vary tremendously based on the amount of data you wish to store and the number of employees accessing the software. Here are some very rough estimates.




Backup service




Estimated cost


Setup and installation


Simple installation


$70 to $150 per hour



Setup and installation


Complex installation


$150 to $250 per hour



First‐time backup


One‐time fee


$40 to $100



One‐time license fee


Fee necessity varies by company


$8 to $80 per user