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Residential Steel Buildings Buyer's Guide - How To Buy

Residential Steel Buildings Buyer's Guide - How To Buy

Published: 04/17/2011

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How To Buy Metal Buildings

There are three major ways to purchase metal buildings:



General contractors (GCs) are the people who will actually put up your building. Typically a GC will get a general idea of the type of building you need, talk to a broker or several manufacturers, then present the options to you. In some cases, a GC may have a preferred manufacturer that they will always turn to.


Brokers work with multiple factories. Like GCs, they will consult with you to determine your needs, then provide a proposal based on the manufacturer who can best meet your needs. However, their involvement ends once the pieces are shipped. You’ll need to set up the building yourself or hire a GC.


• The manufacturers who actually create the component pieces do sell directly to customers in many cases.
They will create and ship the building based on existing specifications you choose from, or can work with you to design a more customized building. Once again, you must handle the building construction.




Because of their experience, GCs are a better way to go if you’re not familiar with planning and managing construction projects, especially if you have a GC who you work with on a regular basis.



Brokers have more expertise with prefab metal buildings and can have leverage with multiple manufacturers – their relationships can help you save money. They can often help you find the best deal, and can put you in touch with qualified contractors in your area if you do not have one.



If you have more experience with building projects and know exactly what you want, you may be able to save money by going directly to a manufacturer. Cutting out the middleman also eliminates potential finger‐pointing at later stages if anything goes wrong. Going direct can also be a good idea if your project is very small‐scale – smaller arch‐ style buildings that you’ll erect yourself, for example.