Lead Management System

VENDIREX Lead Management System

Leads : Get Access to 1000's of Leads from Leading Media Organizations

Vendirex is a technology driven, small business exchange transforming the way buyers and sellers connect via the internet marketplace.

We direct online business through a single, secure environment where companies are able to get quotes, find vendors or do research on small business products and services in real-time from the leading vendors in over 100+ categories across multiple verticals markets.

Our proprietary technologies provide robust, online management tools for small businesses with tremendous flexibility and results.

Vendirex strives to develop new programs that improve transparency, simplicity, and efficiency in our small business exchange technologies and platforms.


Management : Distribution


The VENDIREX Lead Management System is a web based system for managing and distributing leads. This system automates many tasks most lead companies do by hand (such as filtering, matching and sending leads) and also automates many of the processes that normally require a phone call such as verification.


Here are some of the features of the Lead Management System.


  • Companies can set up custom lead deliveries within your CRM.

  • Routes both Live Call Transfers and Data leads as well as all of the filtering processes

  • Can work as either an exclusive system or non-exclusive system

  • Companies can sign themselves up, choose their own criteria, add money to their account, and start receiving leads

  • Companies receive their leads within seconds from generation

  • Process leads in real time or upload 10's, 100's, or 1000's of leads and the system handles all lead matching and distribution

  • Reporting module to track the lead sources, affiliates, profits, lead returns

  • Manages affiliates sources and calculates payouts and commissions

  • Lead management tools to control permission levels within the lead system

  • Send out notification emails to affiliates and leads when events happen in the system (lead assignments, new leads, etc.)

  • Custom de-duping periods

  • Set daily and monthly lead limits

  • Distribute leads in real time or batch

  • Cherry picker system for purchasing older leads

  • Vintage lead system for selling aged leads in bulk


Quality Controls : Verification


VENDIREX Lead Quality Controls can help stop the bad data by running over 30 data quality checks against the leads.  eDirex Lead Quality Controls are integrated into the Lead Management System as a simple web based application to upload and process leads.


Features over 30 total checks against data including the following:


  • Geo-location testing - did somebody in Mumbai fill out the form saying they are in Memphis?  This helps fight against fraudulent Companies.

  • Reverse address to phone and phone to address comparison

  • Area Code comparison mapping

  • Zip Code comparison mapping

  • Cell phone and business phone lookup

  • Alternate name/number lookup based on both address and phone number

  • Bad words filter

  • Data compared to 5 different data sources.

  • Our proprietary algorithm takes all of the results and calculates a score

  • Review the results in the admin section to see why a lead was rejected

  • Extra tools in the admin section to help make your manual decision on accept/reject