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2135 City Gate Lane Suite 300 Naperville, Illinois, United States 60563

We have created partnerships and have integrated our system with the leading media organizations and lead generation sources in the world. We can customize a lead program specifically for your business.

phone: 877.334.7394 x 711

fax: 877.334.7394

website: www.edirex.com


Lead Generation : Aggregation : Management

eDirex is a technology driven, lead aggregation exchange transforming the way buyers and sellers connect via the internet marketplace.

We direct online business through a single, secure environment where companies are able to purchase real-time data and consumer initiated leads from top media organizations across multiple verticals markets.

Our proprietary technologies provide robust, online management tools for lead buyers with tremendous flexibility in controlling campaigns and results. eDirex strives to develop new programs that improve transparency, simplicity, and efficiency in our lead exchange technologies and platforms.


Naperville, IL

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